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Suplex Tacos

A Luchador needs more than an average meal to survive a typical day… His four food groups: juicy carne asada, tortillas, fresh salsa, and cheese!

Always fresh and delicious, every item on our menu will make you want to come back for round 2.  Our salsas are prepared daily from scratch, and our ingredients carry the quality to pack every meal with a punch of flavor.  As if this wasn’t enough you’ll discover that our prices are as comforting as a bag of ice on a swollen eye.

Whether you’re preparing to battle your day with a hearty breakfast burrito, or trying to keep yourself in the fight with a chicken taco salad, you’re sure to find something just right for you.

So go ahead… give your hunger a roundhouse to the face and drop an elbow on those growls coming from your stomach… we’ll be standing by your corner to assist!

Our food


COVID-19 information

Catering temporarily not available

Employee updated procedures
  • conduct wellness checks
  • temperature checks for each team member
  • Mask required at all times
  • Continued use of gloves
  • Cleaning and disinfecting all areas after each use

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